5 things I learned from...launching my own business

Nicole Sara Sivens
February 5, 2018
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A Stanford graduate, Justine Lassoff is passionate about making a difference as a social entrepreneur. She is cofounder of Love Goodly, a fast-growing subscription box for women seeking a healthier lifestyle focused on cruelty free and non-toxic beauty. Justine was selected as LA Business Journal Women's Summit Finalist and named one of top 50 tech women in Los Angeles by Digital LA.

Relationships matter. Find a cofounder you respect, enjoy spending time with, and enjoy shared values . I am honored to partner with my cofounder Katie Bogue Miller - she was head of merchandising and founding team member at my last startup, LovingEco.  

Go with your gut. We thought we were on to something, and it turns out we were right. Women love our boxes! With our subscription box women can discover new brands at a great value that are cruelty free, nontoxic and vegan.

Find your tribe. Building a community is critical to success – especially with an ecommerce business. Not only do we have loyal customers, we partner with like minded brands and support nonprofits like Farm Sanctuary.

Mission matters. Start your company by defining your mission then make decisions to achieve it. For us curating each box and the products in our shop by the values we list on our site is the number one way we reflect our mission.

Go the extra step. Do not overestimate the importance of customer service. We have an Ecommerce / Customer Service Manager who regularly gets excellent feedback from our customers.

Justine and Katie began Love Goodly in 2015, check them out and subscribe here. If you're in the LA area, see Justin in person at Swell’s February Purpose Meets Profit, she's speaking about her experiences in the beauty industry alongside the founders of Pure Malibu and ipsy. Get your tickets here.

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