A super solution to the garbage at sporting events

Nicole Sara Sivens
February 23, 2018
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Here are three things people are talking about in the market this week.

The real winner of Super Bowl LII was the planet

The first Zero Waste Super Bowl was a success. Following huge efforts from PepsiCo, Aramark, and the NFL, 91% of the waste that was generated by the 67,612 fans attending the game was “responsibly recovered through composting, recycling, and reuse.” There was a push by Pepsi through its Rush2Recycle program educating stadium-goers and fans at home on how to lead the zero waste effort.

Read more about it on Business Insider here.

What this means for you: Expect to see lots more options for disposing of your waste at the next game you attend. Composting, recycling, and even donation bins will no doubt be a regular sight now that there’s been such a huge win on record.

Amazon is getting into the pill game

While they aren’t actually manufacturing the OTC medications, Amazon has launched customer access to low price generics that challenge brick and mortar retailers. The Basic Care brand isn’t the cheapest around (typically, the prices are the same as Walmart), but they’ll come right to your door in a few days.

Read more about it on CNBC here.

What this means for you: Is this Amazon’s first foray into prescription medication delivery? Only time will tell. Amazon has previously had confidential talks with major drug manufacturers and has publicly made its plans known for a shake up in the US healthcare market. Your PrimeMD may arrive sooner than you think.

UPS joins the electric movement

UPS is partnering with Workhorse to build and scale electric delivery vans. They’ve got 35,000 vehicles on the road now that are up for replacement by the new EVs – but they’re of course starting small. The first 50 hit the streets later this year.

Read more about it at Reuters here.

What it means for you: Way back when, Amazon developed a plan to scale its own fleet of EVs in an effort to cut delivery costs and streamline the process in anticipation of its Prime launch. Perhaps UPS is doing the same? Either way, competition makes the world go round, so expect to get what you buy faster than ever.

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