Bless the rains down in Africa

Nicole Sara Sivens
September 7, 2018
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Here’s a look at a few things people were talking about in the market.

Happy Hackiversary

Today marks one year since the massive Equifax hacking scandal that affected 148 million Americans. While plenty of breaches have been announced since then, few have touched a nerve like the Equifax breach.

Read how the breach happened here.

What this means for you: If you haven’t already, tighten up your personal security. Because, while they are making attempts at correcting the gaps that allow data to be stolen, it is always a possibility. And so far, there isn’t much recourse. While the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection and the Federal Trade Commission have opened investigations into Equifax's breach, neither of them have taken any actions.

Good news for the reefs

Following dire warnings of reef die-off after massive coral bleaching in 2016 and 2017, Queensland has issued a “positive update” on the status of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, reporting that some affected areas are showing “substantial signs of recovery.”

Read the full awesome story at Travel Pulse.

What this means for you: A lot if you’re Australian. Deloitte Access Economics valued the reef at $56 billion in 2017, basing it on the fact that the reef supports tens of thousands of jobs and contributes A$6.4 billion annually to Australia’s economy. So it’s good news for everyone that it’s bouncing back.

The rains down in Africa

A new climate-modeling study has found that wind and solar plants throughout the Sahara desert could significantly increase precipitation across the region and increase vegetation.

Read the whole study on

What this means for you: This is great news for everyone, globally. Massive amounts of clean energy, plus a more habitable landscape (which means more viable agricultural and economic development), plus more greenery over a large area? Win win. It's remarkable to think that instead of burning fossil fuels and creating catastrophic climate change, that we could instead use clean energy to produce positive climate change and transform a desert into a habitable oasis.

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