Cecilia Sibony, Sesamaise

Nicole Sara Sivens
November 1, 2017
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Everybody loves hummus.

After a decade working in conflict resolution between Israelis and Palestinians, Cecilia Sibony learned that the only thing they share is their love of tahini. Inspired, she founded Sesamaise Tahini in the hopes of innovating the peacebuilding and snacking industries.

Cecilia Sibony, Sesamaise
Cecilia Sibony, Sesamaise

Sesamaise Tahini provides Americans with delicious, socially- and health-conscious snacks made with tahini from Israeli and Palestinian family businesses. Her goal: As we grow demand for their tahini, so will the incentive to build relationships and cooperate to meet it.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a meal while visiting the middle east, you know everything tastes better there. The reason is the tahini, or sesame paste. The grinding method is much different than the factory methods used here in the US. For generations, Sesamaise’s partner, Karawan, has been grinding tahini in the traditional method of their ancestors in their hometown of Nablus, the unofficial tahini capital of Palestine.

Cecilia will join us for our November 14th Purpose Meets Profit discussion on ethical foods. She will speak on running a sustainable company committed to change, and how she plans to grow.

Join us in Santa Monday on Tuesday, November 14th at 6pm for Purpose Meets Profit.

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