Clean Harbors (and more) are making a positive change

Mary Kate Miller
October 15, 2018
5 min read
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At Swell, the social impact that our holdings make is just as important as their financial performance. In the same way that we make it a priority to share our portfolios’ financial performances, we also like to share the steps our holdings are taking to make the world around them a better place.

Like all forces for change, the work doesn’t happen one time or overnight. It’s a series of small steps and achievements. Here are some of the recent highlights in our holdings’ exciting work for social change:

Clean Harbors

What is it?

Clean Harbors provides a variety of clients, including a vast swath of Fortune 500 companies, with environmental, energy, and industrial services. They cover hazardous waste management, industrial cleaning and maintenance, recycling, and emergency spill response.

What’s new?

Over the summer, Clean Harbors announced two exciting bits of news. First, the company shared that since the 2008 recession, Clean Harbors has doubled it’s employees to a total of almost 12,700. That means that in the past decade, the company has brought an estimated 6,000 jobs to Massachusetts. Second, in July, Clean Harbors was recognized with a safety award from CPCHem, giving us even more of a reason to celebrate all those new jobs.

Bluebird Bio

What is it?

Bluebird Bio is like a healthcare company…from the future. They work on gene therapies, cancer immunology, and gene editing.

What’s new?

We’re big believers in working as a team to create radical change. That’s why we’re so excited that Bluebird Bio has partnered with Gristone Oncology to develop new cancer cell therapies.

Becton Dickinson & Co

What is it?

Becton Dickinson manufactures medical equipment, devices, and instrument systems.

What’s new?

A lack of access can be a major healthcare hurdle, especially in remote areas like the Peruvian Amazon. Becton Dickinson is working to correct that. In partnership with the international nonprofit, WeRobotics, Becton Dickinson is progressing in their strides to bring drone delivery to the Peruvian Amazon. This could bring improved healthcare and testing access in Peru and pave the way for other countries that have historically struggled with access to quality healthcare.

For more news about the work each of our holdings is doing, check back soon. There’s always something new to celebrate!

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