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Mary Kate Miller
August 15, 2018
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At Swell, the social impact that our holdings make is just as important as their financial performance. In the same way that we make it a priority to share our portfolios’ financial performances, we also like to share the steps our holdings are taking to make the world around them a better place.

Like all forces for change, the work doesn’t happen one time or overnight. It’s a series of small steps and achievements. Here are some of the recent highlights in our holdings’ exciting work for social change:

Amgen, Inc.

What is it?

Amgen, Inc is a biotech company that researches, develops, and produces medicines for serious illnesses.

What’s new?

In July, Amgen announced a new partnership with L.A. hospital Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to improve healthcare quality in oncology, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and migraine. Amgen will be working with Cedars-Sinai on research projects in these areas with the aim of improving patient outcomes. With cardiovascular disease in particular, the partnership aims to identify care gaps to ensure that everyone receives high-level care. This is especially important with heart attacks and stroke on the rise nationally for the first time in a decade.

Autodesk, Inc.

What is it?

Autodesk “makes software for people who make things,” and they specialize in cutting-edge technologies.

What’s new?

Every once in a while, tech companies do something that makes you think, that is straight out of a science fiction movie. That’s the case with Autodesk’s latest initiative. At the end of July, Autodesk announced that it’s working with NASA to experiment with 3D printing robots to build human habitats on other planets. How cool is that?

Itron, Inc.

What is it?

Itron is a tech company that works to help cities and towns provide reliable infrastructure.

What’s new?

Itron is working to improve the water infrastructure in Barbados. At the beginning of the summer, the company announced that as the sole proprietor of potable water in Barbados, it would be working to minimize water loss by installing new water meters that will better help to monitor water usage.

For more news about the work each of our holdings is doing, check back soon. There’s always something new to celebrate!

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