Diary of a healthy person

Nicole Sara Sivens
October 20, 2017
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What do healthy people do every day that makes them feel good? Here’s your cheat sheet.


You know the drill: Moderate physical exercise helps prevent and reduce the severity of chronic disease, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and also improves mood and mobility. Walking — a form of exercise that is accessible to almost everyone and doesn’t require special equipment or attire (other than comfortable shoes) — counts as moderate physical exercise.

Work in a workout

If you leave it up to chance, you’ll never go to that spin class. Be realistic about your time, your level of commitment, and your intentions. Can you squeeze in a quick yoga session before your shower in the morning? Probably. Are you going to just hop out of bed and randomly flow into salutation? Probably not. Set the alarm, sleep in your stretchy pants, and make it work.

Don’t diet

Healthy people never "diet." They eat whole food for nourishment – not entertainment. When you avoid foods that harm your body, you make an investment in yourself. By using exercise, not food, to reduce stress and get through emotional difficulties, you will heal your mind.

Live a little

Of course you can still overdo it. An extra glass of wine or a huge slice of cake on your birthday doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy – it means you’re human. Excess as an exception, and not the rule, is called balance. Get on board and live a little!

Learn a new trick

Every day presents an opportunity for education. Free online materials, the library, your friends – these are all amazing resources for learning. When you adopt a new skill your mind and body benefit as well. Try something new and expand your horizons.


As you go to sleep each night, recall your highs and lows of the day. What could you have done better? What did you totally kill it at today? Acknowledging both your shortcomings and accomplishments develop you into a better, more well-rounded person.

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