Did your chicken have a nice life? Blockchain can tell you.

Nicole Sara Sivens
April 13, 2018
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Here are two things people are talking about in the market this week.

REI is doing it for the planet

REI is using its enormous purchasing power and sway to do good in the world (but mostly the forests). Its director of sustainability shared the idea, saying “We work with more than 1,000 brands, both large and small. Some, like prAna and Patagonia, are on the leading edge in integrating sustainability into their products and supply chains. Others may have a keen interest in sustainability but lack the resources to fully implement a program. We’re in a unique position to unite our brand partners around a common goal, by sharing best practices and resources that we’ve learned from both our own work and that of the brands we work with.”

Read all about it here on the REI website.

What it means for you: When you’re shopping for outdoor gear, and you do it at REI, you can rest assured that your purchases are powering impact. And that feels better than any hike.

A Portlandia sketch taken too far?

You like chicken? Every chicken that Carrefour SA sells under its house brand comes complete with its very own life story, thanks to the wonders of blockchain software. All you need to do is scan the label with your smartphone to get all the details.

Read more on Bloomberg.

What it means for you: It’s all good, trust us. By making suppliers more accountable, proponents say adoption of the technology would help reduce some of the headline-grabbing food tampering of recent years: wood pulp blended with Parmesan cheese, horse meat passed off as minced beef, and plastic mixed in frozen chicken nuggets.

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