Do small changes really make a difference?

Nicole Sara Sivens
August 4, 2017
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After watching a shocking documentary, a few of us in the Swell office have made changes. From cutting back on animal-based proteins to cutting out dairy altogether, we’re trying our best to do our part. It’s easy to feel good about making healthy changes, but one can’t help but wonder – does it really make any difference in the world.

New studies are showing that it really, really does 

More than 85 percent of the world's fisheries have been pushed to or beyond their biological limits and are in need of strict management plans to restore them. Several important commercial fish populations, like the Atlantic bluefin tuna, have declined to the point where their survival as a species is threatened. So what’s a sushi lover to do? Choose wisely.

By now we are all aware of what a huge problem food waste is, but it never hurts to be reminded: Food waste is a huge issue! Plan a menu, make a list and stick to it. Take your leftovers for lunch or freeze them for later. Not something you can safely freeze? Compost it. Right now we’re only composting about 5% of the 38 million tons of food we waste each year. We can all do better without much effort.

According to the Environmental Working Group, if you ate one fewer burger each week for a year, it would be like not driving your car 320 miles. If everybody in the U.S. went without meat just one day a week for a year, that would be like not driving 91 billion miles. The answer: Meatless Monday. Know it, love it.

When purchasing out of season produce, you’re not only paying more for a less tasty product, but you’re adding to the excess CO2 levels in the atmosphere. The solution? Shop local and in-season.

Did you know it takes 3 liters of water to produce a 1 liter bottle of water? That mind boggling stat should be enough to drive you to drink...from your new reusable water bottle.

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