Earth Month Social Challenge

The Swell Team
April 5, 2018
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Did you know that Earth Day started in the United States in 1970 and is now celebrated in over 190 countries?

At Swell, we want to take Earth Day to the next level. It’s great to feel galvanized when April 22nd rolls around - you might recycle more that day, think twice about purchasing a disposable water bottle, etc. But what if we all committed to just a little bit more?

Rather than celebrating a singular day, we want to challenge ourselves to do more for this wondrous planet of ours. We invite you to make a green resolution this month and share it. What better way to stay accountable than having your friends keep tabs.

The Swell Team loves social media, so we’ve created these social media friendly templates so you can create your very own green resolution!

We also love feeling inspired, so we have some of our favorite motivational quotes, ready for you to share this Earth Month (Yup, we thought a day wasn’t enough, let’s make it a whole month!).

How Do I Share?

  1. Open this blog post on your smartphone - for easy access, go to
  2. Tap and hold the template image below
  3. Save the image to your smartphone
  4. Upload to your favorite social media platform (We love Instagram stories!)
  5. Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn - we’d love to see your resolutions.

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