How we built Swell

Dave Fanger
May 10, 2017
2 min read
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See the numbers behind the tidal wave.

We believe that today’s biggest global challenges will result in tomorrow’s leading industries. So, we started building an entirely new investment platform. Here’s a look at what went into the making of Swell.

5 Years in the making. Our founder, Dave, first thought of the idea in 2012, during a long-haul flight from NY to LA.

59 Iterations. After 2 years of experimentation, we finally landed on a prototype that sought to align purpose and profit.

450+ companies in our portfolios. We’ve built Swell’s 6 portfolios around high-potential, high-impact themes, focusing on industries that address environmental and social challenges around the globe.

79 Face-to-face interviews. Our core group of Alpha users have given us feedback all along the way.

121 People contributing. They say it takes a village. Ours is made up by a great team of employees, agency partners,  real investors, and our Pacific Life resources.

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