Is it hot in here?

Nicole Sara Sivens
March 16, 2018
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Here are three things people are talking about in the market this week.

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink

Cape Town is just the first display of a widening global trend: Diminishing water supplies. Cities from Brazil to Mozambique have been forced to ration their water in recent years because of drought. "If the current patterns of consumption continue unabated, two-thirds of the world's population will be facing water shortages as a daily reality by 2025," says Bolivian President Evo Morales.

Read more about it here at the Globe and Mail:

What this means for you: A lot! We’ve been pretty fortunate here stateside, but the time may come when we aren’t so lucky. With Cape Town essentially acting as the world’s guinea pig, we might just be able to sort it out before it’s too late, a la Mad Max.   

It’s not easy (or cheap!) going green

Companies that signed onto a pledge to power themselves completely with renewables will need to purchase an additional 172 terawatt hours of clean energy by 2030 to meet their targets. If companies use power-purchase agreements to fill the gap that could catalyze a $94 billion investment opportunity.

Read more about it here on Bloomberg:

What this means for you: Kyle Harrison, a New York-based analyst at BNEF, said it best. “The clean-energy demands of these corporations will catalyze billions of dollars in clean-energy investment. Corporations can have a real say in power-market design. For the companies, it’s not just about the perception of being sustainable,” Harrison said. “There are real economic reasons to buy renewables.”

Is it hot in here?

Temperatures in Hawaii get too high for kids to concentrate in class, so Tesla stepped in to give them AC using Powerwalls and solar panels.

Read more about it here at PC Mag:

What this means for you: Besides the obvious cool factor, we’ve now got a whole crop of children who have seen renewable energy work for them and change their lives. They’ll carry that with them into the future and make big changes wherever they go!

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