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Kelly Dawson
March 21, 2018
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Merit Medical Systems is part of our Healthy Living portfolio.

  • Merit Medical employs 4,000 people throughout the world.
  • In 1987, Merit Medical wanted to create the disposable syringe
  • The company currently has more than 200 patents in the following spheres: cardiology, vascular surgery, pulmonology, thoracic surgery, radiology, gastroenterology, electrophysiology, and nephrology

When it comes to giving ourselves credit for the things we’ve accomplished, most of us would point to the same avenues of success: a degree, a promotion, and even an anniversary. But how many of us would pat ourselves on the back just for going through a mundane day? Unless you have a healthy ego, most of us wouldn’t — but we should consider how much our bodies can do in that amount of time. For starters, it’s constantly receiving, interpreting, and responding to stimulants, from smells and touches to sights and sounds. It regularly breaks down food into energy. And it’s overseeing the movement and blood and liquids through it all, making everything work so smoothly that it’s easy to forget such an innate process is quite an engineering feat.

Everyone, regardless of ability, should take credit for what their bodies can accomplish in a given day. If anything, it’s an easy way to get a confidence booster from work that often goes unnoticed. And those same accolades aren’t off limits to those who depend on products to make their bodies work. In fact, Merit Medical Systems would argue that such praise is very much deserved.

Merit Medical has been designing, building, and distributing devices to assist the body’s primary functions for 30 years, mainly focusing on items related to cardiology, oncology, spinal treatments, and other processes for various liquids (as in catheters or dispensers). They range from wires and clamps to dilators and needles, as well as more complicated tools that you’d probably require scrubbing in to truly understand. Currently, Merit Medical employs 4,000 people throughout the world.

The products the company is known for may not be flashy, but just like the body itself, they’re impressive parts of an overall goal to allow people to live as independently as possible. Merit Medical knows that things don’t always go as planned, but with its help, the types of bodies it oversees are still engineering feats, especially since they depend on more engineering than average.

Through the wire

If you’re an adult, your heart beats 60 to 100 times per minute, constantly receiving and pushing blood through its chambers, onto the lungs, and to the rest of the body. It’s a hard-working muscle indeed, a fact we all know too well, and its necessity goes without saying — without it, we can’t get oxygen. So when things go wrong, the tools that need to be in place are as much of a marvel as their natural counterparts.

Merit Medical devotes a large portion of its company’s resources to the heart’s health by manufacturing and marketing dozens of cardiovascular products that cover a range of needs: from guide wires to insert catheters to tools to manage a heart’s rhythms. These products allow doctors to investigate and better diagnose their patients’ symptoms, perform surgeries, and implement tools — like well-known stents — that’ll help the heart perform its vital tasks. And while the heart is a straightforward example of the company’s work, Merit Medical uses the same approach for all of the bodily functions it treats.

But let’s back up a bit. How exactly did Merit Medical become a dependable resource for something as serious as a person’s heart? Well, it all sparked from a plan to create a standard medical tool: a syringe. In 1987, Merit Medical wanted to create a syringe that could be reliable, but also disposable. The thinking behind this goal had an alluring dichotomy to it: a medical tool that could be easily created, technologically sound, and comfortingly hygienic. The tool was made, and more importantly, it was successful. In the next few years, Merit Medical continued its interest in identifying, building, and selling medical products that would parallel likeminded advancements in the operating room. And these days, the company currently has more than 200 patents in the following spheres: cardiology, vascular surgery, pulmonology, thoracic surgery, radiology, gastroenterology, electrophysiology, and nephrology.

We know that was an eyeful, so look at it this way. When doctors need tools to perform various procedures, they can depend on Merit Medical to listen to their requests and build something that meets their needs. All of Merit’s products are built after consulting the doctors who may potentially use them, making it so these items span the full cycle of a patient’s care. In fact, doctors can order specialized kits to meet their exact needs, too.

The doctor is in

As much as we know that the body is admirable, we also know that it’s only...well, human. Merit Medical recognizes this delicate balance by creating tools that do its best to honor the body’s natural form. Aside from working with doctors to determine the best types of tools, Merit Medical also works with patients to see what’s needed too. This comprehensive approach is what makes this company dependable in such stressful conditions.

We may not consider the body’s many intricacies on a daily basis, but we do know that a lot goes into our everyday thoughts and motions. The same can be said about Merit Medical’s overall focus. We all know that doctors require tools, but it’s easy to forget just how much goes into them. Thankfully, the company has triumphed this need for decades, and it’s continuing to make innovative products that’ll make people’s lives easier. It’s work that definitely deserves a lot of credit.

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