Positive progress: Companies making an impact

Mary Kate Miller
July 16, 2018
3 min read
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At Swell, the social impact that our holdings make is just as important as their financial performance. In the same way that we make it a priority to share our portfolios’ financial performances, we also like to share the steps our holdings are taking to make the world around them a better place.

Like all forces for change, the work doesn’t happen one time or overnight. It’s a series of small steps and achievements. Here are some of the recent highlights in our holdings’ exciting work for social change:

Gentherm, Inc.

What is Gentherm?

Gentherm is an innovator in thermal technology. They make heating, cooling, and ventilating product for global markets.

What’s new?

The move towards battery operated cars is a huge area where we can collectively reduce our carbon emissions. Improving the longevity and performance of batteries will drive the success of electric cars. Gentherm has debuted the auto industry’s first “thermoelectric battery thermal management solution for 48-volt lithium ion batteries.” If your eyes glazed over somewhere between the first and second “therm,” let us break it down for you: This new system allows Gentherm to heat and cool the battery, making sure it stays at an optimal temperature to improve performance. The system will be launched with the latest model year of the Mercedes S-Class, and it’ll then be rolled out in other models.  

Eversource Energy

What is Eversource?

Eversource is a company that’s creating renewable energy for residential use.

What’s new?

At Swell, we know our holdings do good work. Before any company is added to one of our portfolios, we vet it to ensure that the company is working toward social change. Still, we love it when others take note of the good work that our holdings are doing. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Eversource Energy was recognized in Newsweek’s Top Green Companies of 2017. Eversource was named the 20th greenest company of the 500 largest publicly traded companies in the U.S.

Veeco Instruments, Inc.

What is Veeco?

Veeco manufactures semiconductors, which are used to develop and manufacture solar panels and LEDs.

What’s new?

To build a better world, we have to innovate. That’s exactly what Veeco is doing, and the industry is taking notice. Veeco just earned the 2018 Compound Semiconductor (CS) Industry Innovation Award. The innovation award is given to the company who has made the most significant breakthrough in the semiconductor industry in the past year. Veeco won the award for its GENxcel MBE Systems, which reduced the system’s footprint by 40%!

For more news about the work each of our holdings is doing, check back soon. There’s always something new to celebrate!

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