Purpose Meets Profit

Nicole Sara Sivens
September 1, 2017
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Purpose Meets Profit is Swell’s monthly panel discussion featuring local, social entrepreneurs.

For September’s event, we’ve lined up some very, very interesting speakers with a unique perspective on giving.

Aaron Godfred, VP of Content at Omaze
Aaron Godfred, VP of Content at Omaze

Aaron Godfred, VP of Content at Omaze. Aaron comes from 12+ years in the Entertainment Industry. He has cultivated a broad expertise in content development and production. At Omaze, he draws from his experiences helping finance and sell movies at WME, developing scripted and unscripted TV and feature films for Morgan Freeman, and producing independent feature films. In just three years at Omaze, Aaron has led a growing team of creatives, writers, producers and editors to create and release over 1,000 videos – including the 2015 YouTube Ad of The Year and other Webby and Streamy nominated content.

Guarav Bhattachayra, CEO and co-founder of InvolveSoft
Guarav Bhattachayra, CEO and co-founder of InvolveSoft

Guarav Bhattachayra, CEO and co-founder of InvolveSoft, a software as a service platform that helps companies and its employees give back by creating personalized engagement and volunteering opportunities. He actively participates in the LA tech innovation ecosystem through panel discussions and mentoring. Gaurav started his career with a medical software business (while still in high school!) and is an accomplished technology leader. He is backed by six years of team and program leadership with PwC, Montgomery County & Cymer. When he’s not working with the tech community, he enjoys volunteering for local events with his team.

Shea Ruda, founder and CEO of Drops
Shea Ruda, founder and CEO of Drops

Shea Ruda, founder and CEO of Drops, a newly-launched fintech platform that  lets you roundup any credit card purchase toward charity. His desire to help others began in high school, when he published a book about parenting from a teenagers perspective -- hoping to help parents and teens find more common ground. Recently, Shea graduated from USC and now spends his time scaling his company and working with other local entrepreneurs to develop their ideas. He's well versed in panel discussions and enjoys mentoring and outreach.

Tickets go pretty fast, so be sure to snap yours up while you still can!

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