Purpose Meets Profit: the Swell home

Nicole Sara Sivens
April 20, 2018
5 min read
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ICYMI, our PMP events are all about bringing together local, socially conscious entrepreneurs to talk about how they do business at the intersection of money and morals.

For this first ever event at our new Swell home, we decided to invite the people responsible for creating our amazing space.

Chad Hogan is the co-founder of Chandler Farms. He specializes in interior design, custom furniture, and environmental graphics. He handled the design of the new Swell home.

Chaffee Graham is the founder of 4th Period Woodshop. He specializes in making custom fine, handmade furniture that is built to last for generations. He created all of the sustainable wood pieces in our office.

Kent Yoshimura is a multimedia artist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. He currently paints large-scale murals – he designed and created Swell's own.

Check out the full discussion here to learn about how the designs came together in an eco-friendly, sustainable way  – and how you can mimic that in your own home:


Sorry you missed this one? Good news! We do this all the time. Our next Purpose Meets Profit event is on May 22nd and it’s all about venture capital and impact!

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