Purpose Meets Profit x Swell Investing

Nicole Sara Sivens
October 9, 2017
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Swell's time to shine.

Our Purpose Meets Profit events are all about bringing together local, socially conscious entrepreneurs to talk about how they do business at the intersection of success and intention. After putting a few of these on, we’ve realized: Hey, that’s us!

Swell was built by people who genuinely care about the impact our dollars have on the world, and it shows. Growing our community with in-person events like PMP is a great way to connect – and more and more, people want to connect with us.

So this time, it’s all about us. Swell’s CEO, Dave Fanger, our Head of Impact, Amberjae Freeman, and our Head of Product, Arianna Savant, and our Lead Engineer, Jack Eisenberg, will lead the discussion about impact investing, Swell, and making a difference in the world through fintech.

Here's a few words from the team on how they built Swell:


I’ve never been on the ground floor of an enterprise and it’s exciting to actually be able to not just join a workplace but to help lay its foundation. The fervor and drive that I witness from my colleagues each day lets me know that we all understand that we are building something together rather than simply being cogs in an already established machine.


Our consumers are the center of everything we do. Every week we sit down and spend time with what we call the "Beta Squad," a group of users with great insights who provide feedback to make Swell even better. We spend hours listening to their experience with Swell: their hopes, dreams, and fears for their finances, their family and the future of our planet. And when we design content, we try to put ourselves in their mindset. It's not just about selling them stocks, it’s about helping them become a more informed investor.


In terms of professional scope and innovation, Swell is a totally new experience for me. With Swell I’m able to really dig into the user research and create a financial product that is useful, necessary, and – most importantly – desired. By checking in with our investors and users, we can fine-tune the product to suit their needs. It’s an amazing experience working with a talented team who can bring our research findings to life.


I'm proud of my choices regarding some important code refactors around the use of money, making an ultimate decision not to rewrite a large portion of our tech stack in a new language (yet). Other than that, I’m proud of continuing to place an emphasis on collaboration and communication when hiring and recruiting.


During my time at Swell I have built experiences that surprise and delight, not only helping investors access investment products that align with their values, but  to understand those investments and the impact of their dollar. I am an advocate for the Swell user, bringing empathy into every move that Swell made as a product and as a brand.

Join un Tuesday, October 17th at 6:30. Tickets go fast, so grab yours today. 

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