Ren Ostry, Trashfish

Nicole Sara Sivens
October 27, 2017
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Trashfish is a monthly seafood share program offering sustainable seafood from the California coast.

Ren Ostry is the founder of Trashfish
Ren Ostry is the founder of Trashfish

Ren Ostry is the founder of Trashfish, a monthly membership program offering sustainable seafood along with a complimentary pantry item every two weeks. Based in Culver City, Ren hand packs the boxes and mans the stalls at farmers markets all over LA.

Trashfish deconstructs the global industrial food system by offering 100% traceable, sustainable, and affordable seafood. Her mission is to provide seafood that you can trust.

Knowing that accountability can only come from traceability, Ren commits herself to a high standard, ensuring the fisheries she sources from are sustainable.

Her definition of “sustainable” uses the triple bottom line approach: One that considers economic, social, and financial impacts. This means that the fishery population must be healthy, that the catch method must cause minimal harm to the ecosystem, and that the fishermen must be paid a fair wage.

Ren will join us for our November 14th Purpose Meets Profit discussion on ethical foods. She will speak on running a sustainable company committed to change, and how she plans to scale (pun intended). She's been featured in LA Weekly, Vice, and was recently nominated for 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Food and Wine.

Join us in Santa Monday on Tuesday, November 14th at 6pm for Purpose Meets Profit.

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