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Mary Kate Miller
October 16, 2017
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Sometimes consumers are forced to make the choice between sustainable living and convenience.

Disposable diapers are great – until they end up in a landfill! Getting your morning coffee has never been easier, but those paper cups…

Rockwell Automation is proving that making the right choice doesn’t always mean doing things the hard way. As the largest company dedicated toward industrial automation, Rockwell Automation makes its customers more efficient and eases their workload, while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. Sure, it’s not a replacement for your morning (paper-cupped) coffee, but if you’re one of Rockwell’s customers, their products will save you time and allow you those extra minutes to brew a quality, eco-friendly cup of coffee yourself.

The parts that make up the whole

Rockwell Automation is comprised of three major brands, all of which represent Rockwell’s dedication to quality and integrity. Through their commitment to providing top-notch solutions to innovation needs, Rockwell has developed a reputation as a company you can trust. The three brands under their corporate umbrella are Allen-Bradley, Rockwell Software, and Rockwell Automation.


The three core tenants of Allen-Bradley are quality, innovation, and support. They produce a wide variety of products from circuit protectors to drives, relays, motor controls, and everything you didn’t realize fell in between. Allen-Bradley basically creates everything you usually don’t think about that helps to aid technical and business needs.

Rockwell Software

Rockwell software is dedicated to data management and analytics. Their products help companies move manufacturing into the twenty-first century with their “Smart Manufacturing” products like their FactoryTalk line. Rockwell Software helps companies move away from paper ledgers and into a software where information is easily shared, expediting the manufacturing process.

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation is a company built with the express purpose of improving productivity at “every stage of the automation lifecycle.” At Rockwell Automation, you’ll find products like design and operations software, industrial control products, and manufacturing execution systems. Each of the products is designed to improve efficiency and streamline productivity through automation on its own, and the products also complement each other so that their customers can maximize efficiency from start-to-finish. They also provide training and support to make sure that their customers are getting the maximum value out of Rockwell Automation’s products.

“The connected enterprise”

We can all think of the ways that “smart” products have changed the way we live our lives. We can automate everything from having our laundry picked up and delivered at the click of a button to having our favorite household items automatically delivered to our doorstep each month.

Rockwell sees the same opportunities for automation in the B2B sphere, working towards a future they call “the connected enterprise.” Their products are geared towards creating an industrial landscape built on smart manufacturing. Their connected smart devices allow users a new level of visibility into each stage of their manufacturing process. Then, with data and analytics, they have the tools to constantly improve their processes.

An emphasis on sustainability and ethics

Rockwell doesn’t limit their focus to making thing more efficient, they are also committed to making things better. When it comes to the environment, Rockwell takes an active approach toward improving the lives of their customers and enriching the world at large. That’s why when it comes to environmental and sustainability efforts, they don’t limit their actions to the requirements of compliance. They lead.

One of the ways that Rockwell puts its commitment to sustainability into practice is through the implementation of corporate performance goals. These umbrella objectives are then broken up into local performance metrics and activity-based objectives. These smaller, more actionable steps ensure that Rockwell meets its sustainability objectives, and by including more people into the process, it energizes their employees in their own individual commitment to sustainability.

Outside of their corporate initiatives, Rockwell is active in civic organizations so that they can give back to the community and promote environmental stewardship. Rockwell also encourages and celebrates employees who participate in “community environmental and safety efforts,” through activities like education and environmental beautification projects.

Making compliance easy

Rockwell Automation makes it their mission to comply fully with regional, national, and local regulations when it comes to certain hazardous substances that are used in electrical and electronic equipment. It is, after all, part of their broader mission of environmental stewardship.

But Rockwell would never just meet their compliance and leave it there. That would be antithetical to their approach of increasing productivity through automation and improved process visibility. When it comes to their compliance reports, they walk the walk. They make their reports easy to access so that their customers (and in turn, their customers) can easily ding the documentation they need.

Rockwell’s commitment to sustainability along with their development of smart manufacturing makes it easy to see why this company could be a “smart” investment.

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