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Nicole Sara Sivens
March 23, 2018
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Every quarter, Swell’s team of impact specialists review and revise our portfolios. The companies we keep must align with our criteria and those we add must meet our high standards (you can read all about our process here).

We’ve taken another look at the companies in our portfolio to make sure that they still meet our criteria. As a result, we let go of a few holdings and added a few big names to Disease Eradication, Green Tech, and Zero Waste. From defibrillators to glass designed to withstand hurricane-strength winds, the companies in your portfolios are creating amazing innovations that solve global challenges every day.

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We’ve added 6 names to our Disease Eradication portfolio:

Calithera Biosciences is focused on the discovery and development of drugs used in the treatment of cancer.

G1 Therapeutics develops therapeutics for the treatment of oncology and breast cancer.

Immunomedics develops medicines to treat cancer, autoimmune conditions, and other diseases.

Insmed Incorporated develops products and therapeutics that address the needs of patients with rare diseases and lung infections.

Medtronic makes implantable biomedical devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators that issue electrical impulses or shocks to keep hearts beating normally.

Nektar Therapeutics is developing early- and late-state drug candidates across a variety of therapeutic areas including: oncology, pain, anti-infectives, antiviral, and immunology.

There are 4 new names to our Green Tech portfolio:

Control4 Corporation develops and produces hardware and software for home automation systems that allow users to control music, video, lighting, temperature, security systems and a slew of other features including home windows and doors.

PGT makes a host of products including energy-efficient customizable doors and windows out of aluminum or vinyl with laminated glass and are designed to withstand hurricane-strength winds.

Aptiv focuses on providing signal, power, and safety solutions for people-powered and self-driving cars.

NV5 Global offers infrastructure, engineering, support and consulting services as well as quality assurance and other services.

Just 1 addition to our Renewable Energy portfolio:

AES is working to accelerate the percentage of electric power generation that comes from renewable sources. Read more about that here.

We’ve got 2 new companies in our Zero Waste portfolio:

WestRock produces sustainable packaging for food, hardware, apparel, and other consumer goods. They offer merchandising displays, paperboard, recycling, and waste solutions.

Ball Corporation supplies sustainable packaging solutions for beverage, food and household products.

We do this every quarter to stay on top of the changes in the industry and to make sure our holdings are in tip-top shape. In the coming months, we’ll be keeping an eye on data integrity, climate change, and tariffs.

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