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Natalie Rix
November 27, 2017
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At Swell, we’re all about connecting each person with the dollars they’re investing.

We strive to help them understand how that money is being used. Investing in our Clean Water portfolio? You’re supporting the growth of companies like Xylem, which makes water pumps, and Albemarle, which develops technologies that help keep our drinking water safe.

We’re interested in making sure each investor is able to follow the journey of their dollar from first investment to research and development into technologies that are solving a major global challenge.

Every week, the Swell team sits down and talks to our investors about their financial goals, how they approach their financial lives and how to make Swell even better. We often hear that people think it’s important that not just their investment dollars, but also their spending money, is going towards responsible companies.

That’s part of the reason we teamed up with Harris Poll to conduct research on how average Americans are approaching the holiday season with their values in mind. In 2017, consumers are expected to spend more than $1,200 during the holidays, for a total of around $680 billion. That’s a lot of hard-earned money that will be going towards supporting companies that vary in their dedication to the environment, positive workforce policies, and changing the world.

Swell commissioned an online survey conducted by Harris Poll* of more than 2,200 Americans to ask them all about how they approach spending. We were interested to see that the overwhelming majority (86%) think it’s important that their values align with their purchasing decisions.

We also asked them about specific aspects of companies’ practices that were most important when considering which companies to purchase goods and services from and found:

  • Older Americans aged 72+ (52%) are more likely to consider companies’ treatment of their workforce as important in their purchasing decisions than Gen Xers aged 37-52 (39%).
  • Nearly two in five (39%) of Millennials aged 18-36 consider a company’s sustainability policies as important when making decisions around purchasing goods and services.
  • Millennials aged 18-36 (42%) are more likely than older generations (28%) to say that it is important that companies they purchase goods and services from have company initiatives for innovating to solve a major global challenge.

Overall, we were thrilled to see (though not surprised!) that so many people think it’s important to be spending responsibly. With so much money flowing into the economy around the holidays, it’s the perfect time to pause, take a breath, and really think about where those dollars are going and how they can be directed to positive companies.

*This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of Swell Investing from October 9-11, 2017 among 2,207 U.S. adults ages 18 and older, among them 436 Millennials aged 18-36 (235 have investments),  586 Gen X aged 37-52, 978 Boomers aged 53-71 and 207 Older (aged 72+).

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