Women’s biggest financial regrets exposed

Nicole Sara Sivens
May 4, 2018
12 min read
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Finally some good news

A study out this month from researchers at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland claim that "ocular lasers" are possible using an ultra-thin membrane laser with organic semiconductors.

Read all about it at USA Today.

What this means for you: You could shoot lasers from your eyes! They could be used as a "wearable security tag," worn by humans in contact lenses "where they may complement a biometric authentication via an iris scan." In other words, you could never need an ATM code again.

Regrets, we’ve had a few

Some 41% of women say not investing more is their biggest financial regret. Even more shocking, 61% percent of women would rather talk about their own death than their finances.

Read the whole story on CBS News.

What this means for you: Speak up! Especially at work. Over a 40-year career, women stand to lose $403,440 because of the pay gap, and that figure rises to $867,920 for black women and over $1 million for Latina women.

Nobody wants to live near a golf course

In a twist on the traditional American Dream, agrihoods — short for "agricultural neighborhoods" — are cropping up around the US, and they're aimed at farm-to-table-loving millennials. Developers in Palm Springs, California, are transforming an 18-hole golf course into a 70-acre olive-tree grove. It will break ground later this year and eventually include dog parks, exercise stations, fire pits, and over six miles of hiking paths formerly used for golf carts.

Read more at the World Economic Forum.

What this means for you: Options abound! Even if this isn’t your particular jam, it certainly speaks to the way that current ideals shape what’s available to the majority. Maybe your thing will be next?

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