How do you start investing?

Nicole Sara Sivens
August 31, 2018
5 min read
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So how do you get started investing? Good question! Investing might seem intimidating if you’re not sure what it’s all about or how it works.You can use your bank, a financial advisor, or an online platform like Swell Investing. Without a doubt, the best time to start investing is as soon as you can. The magic of time can make your money grow, so it’s best to start early.

First, make sure you have your finances in order.

A simple budget tracking what’s coming in and what’s going out is the starting point of every smart money move.

Before you start saving for goals and retirement, make sure you can handle anything that comes up now and not have to rely on your credit card. Put a few hundred dollars aside in a mini-emergency fund so you’re covered when unexpected expenses pop up.

If you have credit card debt, make a plan to pay it off – and include that in your budget. Having debt doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest, there are lots of times when it makes sense to do both.

Next up, figure out how much risk you’re willing to take. If you’re just a few years from retirement, you should play it cool and not take many risks. But, if you’ve got decades to go, then you can afford to be a little more risky and take big swings. To put it very, very simply: With time on your side, you can afford to make big moves and invest in opportunities with a bigger potential payoff.

Now you’ve got a plan: What you can afford to invest each month plus your personal style of investing equals your investment strategy. Let’s say you have $250 each month to invest and a long ways to go before you retire. You could decide to do the traditional retirement planning plus stocks. Swell is animpact investingplatform that helps you invest in high-growth companies solving global challenges like clean energy, zero waste, and clean water.

After you've been in the investing game for awhile, it never hurts to check back and make sure you’re on track. So, take a look every few months and make sure that your investments are still in line with your plans for the future and aligned with your values.

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